French 2nd group verbs are regular -ir verbs.


What’s the present tense of regular -ir verbs?


To conjugate these verbs in the present tense, just remove the -ir ending and add the following present tense ending:

je          ->      -is

tu         ->      -is

il/elle/on ->  -it

nous     ->     -issons

vous      ->    -issez

ils/elles ->    -issent



Here is the conjugation of the verb finir in the French present tense with its pronunciation.




List of useful regular -ir verbs


Here are some French regular -ir verbs you need to know and remember:


abolir = to abolish

accomplir = to accomplish

agir = to act

applaudir = to applaud

avertir = to notify, to warn

choisir = to choose

convertir = to convert

définir = to define

démolir = to demolish

désobéir = to disobey

enrichir = to enrich, to enhance

finir = to finish

garantir = to guarantee

grandir = to grow up

grossir = to gain weight, to enlarge

guérir = to heal, to cure

maigrir = to lose weight

nourrir = to feed

obéir = to obey

punir = to punish

ralentir = to slow down

réagir = to react

réfléchir = to think

remplir = to fill

réunir = to reunite

réussir = to succeed

rôtir = to roast

trahir = to betray

unir = to unite

vieillir = to get older, to age



Are all French -ir verbs regular ?


No, they aren’t. So, be careful when conjugating -ir verbs!

For example, dormir and partir aren’t regular -ir verbs. They belong to the 3rd group of French verbs that are irregular and need to be learned separately.

dormir (=to sleep) => je dors / tu dors / il dort / elle dort / on dort / nous dormons / vous dormez / ils dorment / elles dorment

partir (=to leave) => je pars / tu pars / il part / elle part / on part / nous partons / vous partez / ils partent / elles partent.



Now test yourself with a quiz on the conjugation of regular -ir verbs!


Quiz on the present tense of regular -ir verbs

Elles ----------.
Je ------------ mon exercice.
Nous ------------- discrètement.
Ils ------------ les pigeons.
Il ---------- les règles.
Tu ----------.
On -----------.
Vous ------------ tout.
Elle ---------- une robe.
Quiz on the present tense of regular -ir verbs
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