Croire is a useful French verb from the 3rd group. It means “to believe” or “to think” but the meaning of croire may also vary depending on the preposition used.


What’s the present tense of croire?


Here is the conjugation of the verb croire in the French present tense with its pronunciation.


Useful expressions to know with croire



Here are some other French expressions with croire that are commonly used in French:


croire que = to think that, to believe that

croire en Dieu = to believe in God

croire en soi = to believe in yourself

se croire tout permis = to have a sense of entitlement, to think you can do whatever you like

se croire sorti de la cuisse de Jupiter = to think of oneself as God’s gift to the world, to think of oneself as the center of the universe

se croire en pays conquis = to think you can lord it over everyone

croire au Père Noël = to believe in Santa Claus, to be naive

croire dur comme fer = to be firmly convinced of something, to strongly believe

ne pas en croire ses yeux = not to believe one’s eyes

ne pas en croire ses oreilles = not to believe one’s ears




Now test yourself with a quiz on the conjugation of croire!


Quiz on the present tense conjugation of croire

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Quiz on the present tense conjugation of croire
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